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Saturday, April 01, 2006

100 Things I have seen in Porn

I have noticed a few newer "100" type lists around and as I was finishing my "Google Sex" Post I realized I have been lucky (and unlucky) in my life to see a whole lot of porn. Some of it through Cable TV, some with friends, some in the privacy of my own home and well you get the picture.

So here is my list of "100 things I have seen in Porn" - I am sure I forgot some things but I think you will get the picture as the saying goes.

1. Sex
2. Breasts
3. Pussy
4. Cocks
5. Bras
6. Lingerie
7. Blowjob
8. Virgin (Well they say they are. ;-) )
9. Cowgirl
10. Reverse Cowgirl
11. Spanking
12. Bondage
13. Discipline
14. Tit Fucking
15. Cumming on tits
16. Twosomes
17. Threesomes
18. Foursomes
19. Fivesomes ( You get the picturesomes)
20. Orgy
21. Cheerleaders
22. Babysitters
23. Dildo
24. Vibrator
25. Shower Sex
26. Bathtub Sex
27. Pool Sex
28. Outdoor Sex
29. Sci-fi Sex
30. Brunettes
31. Blondes
32. Redheads
33. Multiple Hair Color (Covers all the Blonde on top other on bottom)
34. Multiple Orgasms
35. Squirting
36. Anal
37. Sex w/ Teachers
38. Sex w/ Maids
39. Sex with Strangers
40. Amateur Sex (Well they seemed pretty good at it to be amateurs but you get the picture)
41. Condoms
42. No Condoms (Don't try this at home - these are trained professionals. Right. Sure.)
43. Flat Chests
44. A Cups
45. B - DDD Cups
46. Fem Dom
47. Male Dom
46. Western Porn (Horses, Cowboys, etc)
47. Space Porn
48. College Sorority Porn
49. Clothespins
50. Lube
51. Whips
52. Floggers & Paddles
53. Feather
54. Shoe Fetish
55. Missionary
56. Woman Sideways (Lying on her side)
57. Office Sex
58. Beach Sex
59. Honeymoon Sex
60. Midget Sex (Ok she was a little person and he was standard sized)
61. Prostitute Sex
62. Girl on Girl
63. Girl on Girl on Girl
64. Girl on Girl on Girl on Girl - Well you get the point - Most I think is 20 Women at once together.
65. Married Sex
66. Cheating Sex
67. Swinger Sex
68. Sex Counselor Sex
69. Sixty-nine
70. Eating Pussy
71. Snowballing (Look it up on Google if you don't know this one)
72. Tied Up Sex
73. Police Sex
74. Kidnapping
75. Leather
76. Pleather (Plastic Leather - Cheap Leather)
77. Latex
78. Crawling on all fours
79. Collars
80. Glasses (Sort of makes the vapid blondes look intelligent. Sort of.)
81. Rope
82. Chains
83. Blindfolds
84. Whipped Cream (This can cover the whole food genre's)
85. Pubic Hair
86. No Pubic Hair
87. Handcuffs
88. Hair Pulling
89. Religion (Oh God, Oh God, etc.)
90. Mile High Club
91. Housewifes
92. Barely Legal
93. Interns
94. Bar Room (Of course Alcohol also)
95. Personal Porn (Stuff sent just to me - those are the interesting ones too)
96. Underwater Sex
97. Nipples
98. Internet Sex (Separate and Alone - or Internet Hookup Sex)
99. Stuff I really didn't want to see and couldn't reach for the remote fast enough)
100. Amazing Hot Juicy Orgasmic make you want to go fuck your partner all weekend long sex.

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Google Sex

It always amazes me what happens when you start playing around with Google. Admit it the urge is too much for many of us. We could be searching for something inane like a picture of the Eiffel Tower or the address of a friend and suddenly our minds are in the gutter.


Suddenly we are typing anything that comes to mind into the browser seeing what "interesting" presents Google will return. In fact I am sure that some people who have stumbled onto this itsy bitsy little piece of the web have come here because of their "AHEM" - Adult usage of Google or any of the many other search engines. Truly the web has gotten so big that you need a map to the map of the map to the map of the sex bloggers. Imagine if you had to actually have a print version of the web. I don't think there are enough trees to keep up on that project.

So anyway I thought - "Hmm - so how many sites would come up with some simple adult searches. It is boggling.
(All numbers are the occurrences that Google found - And I threw in a couple of "clean" searches to put things in perspective)

Search TermGoogleGoogle Image
Sex Blogger34,500,0002,850
Sex Weblog29,100,00015,600
__ Sensual Thoughts __4,570,000102

Of course I can't post about Searches without listing some of the latest search terms used to find us here.

Search Term

sensual thoughts
wearing her bra
movie where a couple switch partners
mammoth melons
sensual slow thrusting cock
is into ass play
women with elephant sized tits
cock balls massage stroke techniques
two sensual

So what does this tell us about the web? That we are all a bit kinked - especially when we have Google to play with.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Site Update

I have been playing around for awhile and finally got everything cleaned up and uploaded to Blogger.

1. New Look
I hope everyone likes the new look. I have borrowed the template from another site online. As they have asked I left a credit on the bottom of the sideboard. If you like the look head on over there and see some of their other sites. I may be tweaking colors over the next few days and doing a bit more tweaking but the layout is basically set up.

2. Updated Blogroll
I have updated the Blogroll of links. I cleaned out dead links, added a few new ones and prioritized the list. If the link is toward the top it is one of better quality, newer, or just basically a good site. The further down the list you get the content either drops or the site has not been updated in awhile. While I am no poster child for posting regularly - I have pushed the sites that are more recently updated toward the top - but if they update and I don't notice or have time to change their settings then they may be great sites, just ones I haven't noticed are back posting regularly. Please email me if you notice one that is lower that should be moved upward.

3. Author Pict
The pict is not me. I happen to be happily male and have nowhere as many great looking curves. I found the photo online and loved it. In my search I also found a great site of similar pictures. It is listed first in the Blogroll called Imagens.

More coming soon - I have a couple of posts in mind but for now sleep is needed.

- S -

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Story: Quick and Dirty

Enjoy fair readers - I hope you enjoy the latest effort from my thoughts to your eyes. Please forgive some of the language. I hope you will see the use of certain words in context and forgive the powerful word choice. I know some would prefer other words used - but the words chosen seemed right when I was writing. Otherwise I think you will enjoy it.

- S -

Quick and Dirty -

SLAM. The sound of you pushed into the wall reverberates through the room. Your eyes are on fire, your breasts heave as I thrust my body against you. Two naughty adults acting like teenagers learning what pleasures fill the human mind and body.

Our lips lock and the passion sends our minds reeling as every touch sends shocks through our bodies. My hands grab your wrists and hold them over your head. My mouth breaks your lip lock and moves to suckle at your neck. I feel your hot breath in my ear as I lick and suck, kiss and bite at your cleavage peaking through the top of the skimpy dress you wore to the party. I switch your hands to one of mine freeing my hand to shove it's way down the front of your dress to grab your loose tits. I feel your hips grind against mine as my hand paws at your tits. Warm and firm against my hand I feel your nipple slide between my fingers. I roll your nipple and begin to thrust my cloth covered hard cock against your pussy. I can feel your heat and for every grind of my cock I feel you slam your crotch back against me.

"Oh yeah - that's it lover - I want you to fuck me. HARD. I want your cock deep. Your cum shooting and I want you to tie me up. I've been a veeerrrrryyyy bad girl. Haven't I?"

My hand grips your tit hard pinching your nipple tightly between my fingers and I hear a quick sharp intake of breath only to see the fire rage in your eyes. I know now that for every move I make you are getting wetter and wetter. Your pussy lubricating itself preparing for my cock.

I pull away and throw you over onto the bed. The creak of the box-spring fills the room but I notice it only for a moment as I rush over and dive on top of you crushing you against the bed. My hands grab your dress and before you can protest I rip it in half leaving your shimmering beauty of a body exposed to my attention. I pause to let my eyes roam over your body but soon realize that you are going to make things interesting as I feel your hips try to bounce me off and your hands begin to push against me.

"Stop it. You won't get away with this. I'm gonna scream." Smiling inside my mind my cock seems to gain strength as you drop into the role we had discussed. You had always wanted to be taken and unless you scream our safe word - all is good.

"Shut up you Slut. I tore it off you because I am gonna fuck your wet slit and I wanted to get the fucking thing out of my way. And you can scream all you want - there's no one to hear it." At that you begin to slap at my chest. Your slaps and punches have no leverage and only make things easier to move forward. Grabbing your hands I pull you up and off the bed to kneel on the floor beside the bed. I move over and grab the rope setting on the night stand and begin to loop it around your wrists. Each movement to pull free only excites me more as I begin to gain traction and the loops around your wrists tighten and lock your hands tight leaving you all mine.

Stepping back I rip the rest of your dress from your taut hard body. Your tits heave, your eyes blaze as I step back and let my eyes roam your exposed body. From your fiery eyes to your perfect tits to your hips and onto your soaking wet snatch your body writhes in front of me in the seconds I take to pull my shirt off and remove my pants leaving my cock exposed to the air. Moving forward I grab you and shove you to your knees in front of me. Your eyes now settle on my rock hard cock and I see you lick your lips.

"You better suck it well you little bitch. Remember, I can make things so much worse if you try anything. You wouldn't want me to call some friends over to enjoy your pussy and ass tonight do you?" I grab the back of your head and force your head forward to settle my cock against your moist lips. I see you pause for a second then I see you totally give in. Your lips open, your tongue begins to bathe my cock and I feel your hot moist mouth begin to slide over the head of my cock. I pull your head against my crotch and begin to fuck your mouth. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper my hips slam into your head. I hear you gag a few times as my cock slides deeper into your throat. I pull your head tight against me and leave my cock buried for a moment or two each time, just long enough to feel you about ready to push back then I pull out giving you time to catch your breath. But all too soon as good a cocksucker as you are I want it all. So I pull your face away and grabbing your entrapped hands which had been playing against my chest as your mouth worked, I pull you roughly to your feet. Pulling you behind me I move over to the chair in the corner of the room and push you over the back. Moving swiftly around to the front of the chair I grab the rope lying on the floor I had tied to the chair earlier and tie your bound wrists to the rope coming out from under the chair. I leave just enough slack to let you pull upright and leaving your tits swinging in the breeze. I quickly move behind you and grabbing your hair pull your body back until you are arched against the ropes holding your wrists from moving further. Pushing your legs a bit wider my hand shoves itself between your legs to manhandle your wet sloppy cunt. I can feel you slide your hips against my roving hand.

Pushing your legs a bit further apart I open up your pussy and bare it to be split by my cock. Rubbing your pussy a bit to grab some of the juices now running down your legs I rub my cock to get it wet then one hand still pulling your hair back, the other guides my cock forward and as soon as I feel it begin to enter I slam my hips against your ass and ram it home to fill your hot wet box. A gasp escapes from your lips. I can feel your heat gripping my cock as I begin to slam it home. No easy buildup as a fire seems to drive my motions. I find myself lost in fucking you and as I fuck you so quick and hard I know the feelings of power over your body tonight have overwhelmed me and I just want to fuck you and fucking cum. NOW.


Your screams only enrage me more and as my cock slams into you I let your head loose and grab your hips. Pulling your ass against me I slam harder and faster. Bang. Bam. BANG BANG BANG. Fuck, your pussy is so damn hot and I can feel your cunt gripping my cock on each thrust. I see you looking over your shoulder at my crazed expression and my grunting male body banging your pussy so hard and fast I can't believe the speed.

All too soon I feel my balls begin to tighten, my cock feels like it is going to explode and my vision contracts into a passion induced tunnel vision. Time seems to slow as I leap toward the summit and before I know it the passion explodes into my cock and blows out through the end as my hot juicy cum explodes deep inside your clenching body. As I cum my body falls against your back and my hands reach under to paw at your tits as I lose sense of reality - only feeling the sensations overpowering my mind from my cock and I feel like a stud animal lost in natures fury as I pound harder and deeper into your cunt as my seed shoots into you. My hips bounce against your ass. Again. And again, and again and again until I lose count and lose my mind falling into an passion induced aching pause as I feel my cock seem to bottom out spilling the last of my seed.

I slowly come back to reality with my cock buried so deep, my head lying against your shoulder and my arms embracing you. As much as I don't want to I stand and pull out of your now cum dripping snatch and move around to untie the rope holding you to the chair. I pull your stiff body off the chair and move you swiftly to the bed. Throwing your sweat covered body down I see you collapse on the bed, your tied hands flopping above your head to lie on the pillows as I fell down beside you on the bed. Wrapping my arm over you I settle my head on the pillow, laying back I look over into your eyes as I see you trying to vocalize something.

You lick your lips and swallow a few times as if to find your voice again. Leaning down I kiss you deeply, feeling your chest heave, your gasps for breath and your hot wet body against me as I break the kiss. And just as I am about to pull back and lie back on the pillow I hear you find your soft sweet voice and so ever softly hear a whisper escape your lips.

"Uncle. Oh fucking yeah, Uncle."

All I can do is smile.

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Crazy Search Terms

Most bloggers have some sort of counter on their page. I have one here.

And most Bloggers check their counter results every once in awhile to see what kind of search terms have brought people to their site. I do this one every couple of months. What gets me are some of the search words used that bring up my pages.

For example:
one guy with elephant sized balls cum all over a hot brunette for over 90 seconds

Um. I didn't know I used the word Elephant anywhere on the site until just now. And why would anyone want Elephant sized balls? I wouldn't. Would make buying pants rather difficult. And cumming for over 90 seconds? I enjoy an orgasm just like the next guy, but cumming for more than 90 seconds? I think I prefer to cum exactly like nature intended. For a few glorious seconds rather than long enough to call someone long distance, have enough time to punch in my calling card number, wait for them to answer, realize it is their answering machine, leave a detailed message, hangup and still have enough time to finish cumming.

Or the search for "benefit of guy eating pussy juices". Again I forget where I posted something about benefits of female juices.

Of course now I just did so I guess I will gain a lot of new traffic from people looking for Elephant Balls, cumming over 90 seconds or the benefits of pussy juices.

Ah the fun of the internet. Keep searching people - maybe you will end up back here.

- S -

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Have Breasts gone too far?

As I float around the web I have come to a realization. Mankind has passed a line in the sand of the cosmos.

Breasts have become something more than they originally were intended for.

Think about it.

Whether you believe in God, Goddess or some other higher power - OR - you believe that what we all have become is based upon millions of years of evolution - breasts were originally intended to be a part of the body to help newborns gain food and sustenance from the Mother until we were grown enough to handle solid food. Not too much more than that. At least on a base level.

But while that is still one of the main uses for breasts - they have gained a new life of their own.

We have sites for tiny titties, big busty broads, medium sized tits, mammoth melons, tit piercing, breast torture, breast enlargement, breast reduction, small nipples, large nipples, wonderbras, Victoria's Secrets, Playboy, Penthouse, Hooters, etc etc etc.

When did we cross the line that breasts became something more than another part of the body? I am sure many would say that time was long ago. Just look at the paintings of hundreds of years ago. Breasts are uncovered, shown prominently as a part of the female form. Or was it when we began viewing pornography? Of course historians can dig up examples of erotic paintings, pottery, etc from thousands of years ago. Was it when women began wearing less restrictive clothing? When women began burning their bras? Working in the "mans world"?

Me? I think it happened in the last 50 years or so. I think humanity actually crossed the line when we began surgically altering what women were born with. Before that point obviously, psychologically speaking, we gave weight to the size of a woman's bosom, but we would never think of telling our women to go spend thousands of dollars getting their womanly goods adjusted to better fit a stylized ideal that her body hadn't planned on having. Do we really need women to go out and get augmentation so they fit the stylized images someone out there decided was the right look?

I tend to be a whole body kind of guy. I like things in proportion. Face, Hair, hips, ass, tits, legs. They all combine to drive my reaction to a woman. And while a form may be beautiful to look at, gaze at, or honestly even stare longingly at, if a woman doesn't have a mind between the ears, the picture crumbles to pieces soon after revealing a mindless shell.

So while I love the view of beautiful tits, breasts, yabbos, pillows, bosoms, milk jugs, etc etc etc - I still think we have crossed a line that we shouldn't have ever gone by. Nature knows best - and maybe we should remember that too. Or at least remember that a woman is not more or less beautiful if her tits aren't above a C cup, because remember guys not all of us are as well endowed as we or our partners would call amazing.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Story: One night in Venice

A story for a good friend. She asked for a story about Venice, Orlando Bloom, and a night of passion. I hope she enjoys it as well as I think you all will.

- S -

One Night in Venice

She had won the trip in a contest on the local radio station. A fluke really. She hadn't thought much of it after she had dropped her name into that large box at a live event. In fact she had never ever dropped her name into a contest box. But for some reason, possibly even divine intervention, her name was the one called out on the radio as the winner of the all expenses paid trip for two to Venice. Of course there was only one problem. She didn't have anyone to take with her. Everyone she knew who she could stand to travel with couldn't get away. That was ok - she talked the travel agent into changing the trip from 7 days to 12. Better for her - cheaper for the agent.

But now she was down to her last night in Venice. It had been an exhausting but amazing trip. Her digital camera was filled with pictures of Italy. The side trip to Tuscany, the little restaurant where she had shared a table with a couple from the states, the kids playing in the fountains, simply the beauty of it all. She loved the feelings it all brought out in her - the moonlight on the canals and the romance of the city filled her blood. Only one thing was missing - the encounter with some suave beautiful replica of Orlando Bloom. For reasons she couldn't understand, when she thought of Italy she thought of men looking like Orlando Bloom. She would agree it was strange, but then again when are fantasies ever easily understood. The human sex drive had driven people crazy from well before the ancient buildings of Venice were even started. Alas, tomorrow she had to pack up, hop on a plane and return to the real world. But that was tomorrow - tonight she swore she was going to enjoy every last minute.

As she walked away from the restaurant she decided she would take a moonlit gondola ride down the romantic canals one last time. She had taken one earlier but it had been during the day and the gondolier had been a man who reminded her more of her father than Orlando. And while it had been a fabulous tour of the canals - she needed to find a gondolier who could give her the ride she had been picturing from the moment she won the trip.

As she moved down the canal she kept her eyes peeled. Each gondola she saw seemed a bit wrong. Either the guy was too similar to her first ride, or she got the creeps as she looked over the gondolier - and years of street smarts had taught her to walk away when her gut said to. She sighed as she moved further down the line but kept telling herself that she had more than enjoyed herself and one little detail was not going to affect her mood tonight. Nope - whether or not she found her ride, she was going to just enjoy the moment. That's when she saw him.

He had been doing something in one of the many little shops spread through Venice along the canals and he was moving back to his Gondola. His stride carried him right past her and she couldn't help but let her eyes roam his handsome form. Black trousers covered muscled legs leading to a gorgeous ass. Above he wore a simple white linen shirt unbuttoned a few buttons. His face wasn't quite Orlando but it was close enough to get her heart bounding as she approached him and his gondola. Hearing her come up behind him he turned and a broad smile appeared.

"Donna (Italian for Woman) - can I interest you in a ride along the canals tonight?" Her look of surprise at his offer in English brought another smile to his face and it lit up his eyes at the same time. "How did I guess I should ask in English?" Chuckling he motioned to her feet. Looking down at her tennis shoes she laughed and remembered that most of the Europeans didn't wear tennis shoes outside - normally you would find a good pair of leather shoes.

"Yes - you caught me. American. How much?" She knew that she needed to check out the prices first - just like a difficult cab ride, haggling over the price was a typical part of the process.

"For a beautiful woman such as you - How about 50 euros for an hour?" She didn't respond but inward she laughed. She must have made quite an impression in her white cotton blouse, shoulder length brown hair pulled back behind her ear, a tan cotton skirt and of course her tennis shoes. Normally a ride would have cost her at least twice that price. Nodding her head she moved toward the gondola and took his offered hand to help her in. But as she moved to sit down she realized he had not let go of her hand and looking back she found her eyes lock on his as he held her hand a moment or two longer than normal. The moment passed slowly as she felt herself lost in his beautiful brown eyes. The feel of his hand on hers caused a shiver to run through her body along with a secret thrill at the feel of his soft but calloused hand holding hers. But all to quickly he opened his hand and she pulled her hand back and sat down. The thrill still roamed through her as she thought of what the feel of his hands on her body would be like. And just like that she felt the gondola shift away from the bank and move out onto the canal.

The soft movement of the boat along the water lulled at her. She felt herself settle into the soft seat just letting her eyes roam over the canal, the architecture, the people, well, actually everything. She let her eyes roam trying to capture the essence of Venice in her mind for those moments after she got home and her mind would roam back to this trip, the experiences and this night. As her mind roamed though it kept coming back to the beautiful man smoothly driving the gondola through the water.

"Where would you like me to take you tonight?" His question broke through her dreaming and her first thought was 'Anyway and anywhere you want.' and as she thought about it she realized she was serious -One of those ' When in Venice...' type moments. So, surprising even to her, she replied, "Back to my hotel." She named the beautiful Venetian hotel she was at and she saw him nod as he continued to move them through the water ever closer to her hotel.

As the hour past she was lulled more and more to a sense of openness and realized that she wanted this man like she had never wanted another. Her friends had joked that she should find some Italian gigolo to enjoy a passionate encounter with on the trip. She had not found one yet but figured she would give it a shot tonight. The hour passed quickly and she soon found herself at the landing outside her hotel with him helping her out of the gondola and onto firm ground again.

As she handed him the money, she held his hand in hers cupping the money between their hands as she looked up into his eyes and swallowed once to get her nerve solid. "Would you like to come up to my room for a drink?" She saw the smile come to his eyes even before it covered his mouth. She saw his eyes roam down over her tanned body checking out his prospects and as his eyes returned to his - she knew his answer even before his lips opened.

"Yes - I think I would enjoy that. Please - (he waved his arm motioning her forward) - lead the way." She paused a moment as he tied up his gondola, made a tiny movement with his hand to one of the hotel staff standing on the landing as if to ask them to watch over his gondola. Seeing a quick nod by the staff she began to move up the stairs toward the hotel with him trailing right behind her.

Moving through the lobby, she felt like she was floating along the marble. Her nose caught the scent of his cologne wafting around her - intoxicating her as they moved into the elevator car for the short ride up to her room.

She planned on taking things slowly when they reached her room, but as soon as the elevator doors shut he moved toward her and quickly pressed her against the wall enfolding his lips around hers. She felt her body go limp as his expert mouth made love to her lips. His touch was strong and full of energy as his hands moved to caress her ass and back. She felt herself pulled strongly against his hard body and she realized that this was going to be a night to remember. The kisses continued as the car began to move upward.

Ding - Ding - Ding. The bell sounded as each floor passed but all she could think about was that the elevator was moving way to slowly for her tastes. She wanted to be at her room and already making love to this beauty. Soon enough though the elevator doors opened and they broke their kiss. She felt herself blushing as she moved past the older couple standing there waiting to enter the elevator. She knew that they had seen everything as the doors opened and she felt slightly embarrassed while at the same time thrilled at being caught in public. She was a bit on the wilder side when it came to sex and she loved the idea of the older couple seeing her being taken like she had been in the car.

But as soon as they passed the couple they were out of her mind as she moved down the hallway as quickly as she could without seeming to be in a hurry. Her body was definitely in a hurry but she would keep some composure at this point. She slipped her card key in the lock, saw the green light come on and she pushed the door open entering the room. She saw that the maid staff had stopped in while she was gone and had opened the curtains. Moonlight flooded the room and almost spotlit the turned down bed. As she took that in, she heard the door push shut behind her and felt him slide against her and envelop her in his arms.

She felt his touch begin to roam all over her body. Her breasts were already sensitive from the erotic kissing in the elevator, but that was nothing compared to how she felt when his hands began caressing her breasts through her shirt. She felt his warm breath on her neck. She unconsciously began to softly moan from his actions. Moments passed, as he seemed to be exploring her body as if he wanted to have a much better idea of her form before he went further. She was in no mind to complain. Each touch of his hands left little electric shocks running through her body. Her breath quickened, her skin flushed and she felt her pussy begin to get wet. She swallowed to wet her dry throat and began to speak to him.

"Oh, yes. Please I want...." But before she could continue she felt his fingers cover her mouth. In the soft light bathing the room she saw him shake his head. She closed her mouth and decided to simply wait and see where he went with things.

He pulled his hand away from her mouth and began to unbutton her shirt. As each button came free, giving him more access to her chest he began to layer soft kisses following down her front. She was amazed at how his kisses aroused her. She felt her nipples harden, felt her body warm and she unconsciously began to breathe harder as the kisses continued downward until her shirt was open and he was kneeling in front of her. He left her shirt open hanging down off her shoulders. She knew one thing, he now knew she was not wearing a bra - that is if he hadn't figured it out as he had been caressing her breasts earlier.

She felt his hands pull on her skirt moving it down over her hips until it slid down her tan legs to pool around her feet. She looked down as he leaned in and began to lay soft kisses around the top of her panties. Soon though she felt his hands slide along the top of her panties. She felt a thumb slide inside the band and slide side to side. She closed her eyes as he began to let his hands go where he wanted. Her breath heaved faster and faster as she felt him cup her mound through her soaked panties. Not exactly rough, not exactly soft. He just seemed to know exactly how hard to grab at her body - enough to make it slightly uncomfortably thrilling but definitely not your garden-variety experience.

She had closed her eyes as he worked her pussy over and was swaying softly as she felt her panties being pulled down off her hips exposing her womanhood to his eyes, mouth, tongue and hopefully soon enough his cock. She felt him begin to lick her lips slowly and with a bit of pressure. She felt his face rub over her mound letting a bit of stubble rub into her as he continued to lick and suck at her pussy. She felt her knees getting weak and she almost worried about falling but as if he could read her mind she felt him pull away, stand up and move her until she was laying back softly on the bed. As soon as she was settled she thought he would return to her pussy but she was wrong.

Her eyes followed him as he stood over her pulling his shirt off over his head. She licked her lips and let her hands roam over her body feebly trying to imitate the feel of his touch on her as she watched this lithe Italian strip off his clothes. She bit at her lower lip as his body slowly lost each piece of clothing. After the shirt he kicked off his shoes and socks - before he began to unbutton his pants. Licking her lips over and over she saw him slide them over his hips and down his legs. She felt her throat catch as she realized that he was not wearing any underwear. Her heart leapt and her breath quickened as she saw him move back to the bed and saw him move to kneel next to her head. She reached up and began to play with his cock. She loved the feel of a mans hard cock. She never could figure out what it was that drew her to them, but deep down she always reveled when she had a cock in her hands, mouth or pussy. He could not know how much she loved a hard cock but she knew he soon would.

She began to suckle at his manhood. Slowly at first, slickening it in her saliva as she moved her hands to minister to it at the same time her mouth was enveloping it. Her eyes opened and she stared up at the vision of manhood kneeling over her - his hands locked on the headboard. She soon lost herself in the motion as she worked as hard as she could to prove to him that she was very good. His cock seemed to grow as she slobbered her lips over it in a rhythmic motion. As she kept pace on his cock she felt him shift back a bit running a hand until it had moved down to her juice slickened pussy. His fingers moving her lips aside she felt him exploring the space with the tips of his fingers. First slowly then in quickening pace with her own movements on his cock. As she moved down on it she felt his fingers press inward, as she backed off he pulled out in sync with her motions. They began to build the pace. Faster and faster she went as his fingers followed the rhythm. Or was she following his motions. She lost track as everything began to blur. She knew she was close. She quickened her pace even more knowing that he would keep pace. Just as she was about to go over the edge she felt him stop.

She felt him pull away and change his placement on the bed. She felt herself picked up like a rag doll and turned over on her belly. She moaned and pleaded with him to make her cum. As she felt his hands on her hips she realized he was moving her into an ass up position. She hoped he would fuck her. She wanted him to fuck her and she begged mercilessly for him to do so.

"Fuck me. HARD. Oh please fuck me." As she pleaded she thought she had gotten through to him. She felt him move her hips slightly higher as if to get her ready to be penetrated. But just as she thought he would enter her she felt a swat land on her ass. She unconsciously moaned as she felt the warmth spread across her ass.

"Do you like the way I make you feel? Can I call you my little slut? Should I fuck you like the little slut you are?" SLAP SLAP SLAP. She felt the swats land in regular rhythms. Her body reacted to each swat by pushing her closer but never over the edge. She loved the feel of it all. She loved each swat to her warming ass. But she also knew she wanted to be fucked. Hard.

"Yes. I am a little slut. Fuck me. Spank me. Take me. I am YOURS. Please. Let me cum. Please."

At that she felt a finger enter her pussy. Quickly it began to force its way in and out. Soon it was replaced with two fingers then three. It felt so good, his hand fucking her. It wasn't his cock but it would do. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment, lost in the pleasure. Faster and faster he moved, she felt her pussy stretch to take the pounding. Soon though, moans and grunts began to issue from her mouth. She was on a razors edge as he pounded into her - until she lost it. Her back arched, her mouth opened and a loud gasp filled the room as her body locked even as his hand continued to fuck her. She came. Hard. Her senses were overloaded for a moment. Then before she knew it she came again. She lost touch with reality as the waves of pleasure rolled over her. She knew if she could open her eyes she wouldn't see much the pleasure hammered at her so much. Then she returned to her surroundings for a moment only to feel another orgasm take her - Fill her hard. Lost in the pleasure she fell away then popped back into reality for a moment only to feel another orgasm take her. She felt the orgasms come quickly. Such exquisite agony each time she moved over the line.

He stopped as she fell to the bed. Spent for the moment he settled beside her as she slowly came back down from the emotions and pleasure shooting through her body. He ran his hands through her hair as she lay there panting. But soon enough she rolled over on her side and studied this vision of pleasure lying beside her. He was laying there smiling as she caught her breath. His head was perched on his hand as he lounged against a pillow. Her gaze slid down and saw he was still hard. His beautiful cock beckoned to her. She slowly pulled herself off the bed and moved over so he could slide over and lay flat on his back. She smiled at him as one of her fingernails traced down his chest. First playing with one of his nipples, then tracing a lazy path over his stomach and then down into his pubic hair. Her finger began rolling some of his pubes around her finger. She loved the feel of her fingers tracing through his crotch as she studied the reaction she caused in him.

His breath quickened, his head fell back and she knew he was ready. She stood up and moved across the room to her bag. She could feel his gaze on her ass as she padded over rummaging through her bag then back across. She pulled the strip of condoms through her fingers as she sashayed back across the room. Moving back onto the bed she ripped one package off the strip and laid the others on the nightstand beside the bed. She pulled the foil pack to her teeth ripping it open and pulling the latex out from between the foil. She tossed the spent foil to the stand and placed the condom into her mouth. She had learned this trick long ago and she leaned her head down over his cock. Sliding the condom over his head she kept the condom tight with her lips and teeth and slid his cock deep into her mouth as the condom rolled down his shaft. Pulling back she jacked the shaft a bit to settle the latex covering then she moved over him and placed his covered cock to the edge of her pussy. She locked eyes with him as she slowly settled lower pulling his cock inside of her hot moist slit. He felt so damn good as his cock spread her pussy out and filled it achingly full.

Slowly she settled her hands on his chest, let her hair fall over her face as she let her hips begin to move back and forth, up and down over his cock. He felt so good inside her and she knew he was enjoying it as much as she was from the look of pleasure on his face and his closed eyes. Slowly she gained her rhythm. Building her pleasure and his she rocked her hips faster and faster. Her nails dug into his chest as she rocked her cunt harder and harder against his hips and felt his cock slide in and out.

In. Out. Bang. Bang. Her tits bounced against her chest as she fucked this hot man beneath her. The minutes passed. Her moans increased. He moaned also but in Italian. She found her body reacting to each foreign word from him. Her mind went away as she focused on the feelings filling her from her pussy. Panting and breathing hard she found herself slamming his cock into her pussy. BANG. BANG. BANG. She lost herself in the motions. Automatic. She slammed herself into him and felt another orgasm approaching.

"I'm going to cum again lover. Cum with me. You ready to cum lover? You ready. You gonna cum for me?"

She looked down and saw him nod quickly. His eyes closed, his hips pounding into her as hard as she rode him. She smiled and let her feelings come closer. Felt her tits sliding around on her chest. She settled back a bit and pulled her hands to her tits. She rubbed her nipples, fondled her mounds and let the pleasure take her.


She felt her pussy clench, her hips lock and she threw her hands down onto his chest. As her pussy clenched she felt his hips buck hard and his cock bury even further. He groaned and she could feel the warmth of his cum fill the condom deep inside her as she fell down to lie against his chest. She felt her hot breath bounce back from his sweat slickened chest as she gulped air trying to fill her lungs. With a major effort she rolled off him and fell onto the bed beside him. They both lay there letting the pleasure roll over them as the moonlight bathed their naked forms. Running a hand through her hair she rolled over and pulled against him draping an arm across his chest.

She felt him shift and as she looked up she saw his fingers pull the strip of condoms from the nightstand.

“Should we see if we can use these up tonight?” She simply laughed and a devious smile covered her face. It was too bad she couldn't pack him in her bags and take him home with her. Her friends were never going to believe this story from Venice.

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Monday, July 04, 2005

Story: The Garage

Ok Die-Hard readers - here is another one for you. Hope it is worth the wait you all had to endure but as I have said before - I am a busy man and so I write when I can.


- S -

The Garage

Round and round the car went. (SWISH SWISH SWISH) She could tell the car was moving through a building and thought it was a parking garage but she had gotten so turned around once he told her to pull the blindfold over her eyes as they entered downtown. As the wind whistled through the slightly opened passenger window next to her she could hear the echo of the tires on the pavement, the reverberation of the throttling engine, the slightly humid trapped air. Each of her senses was telling her she was riding around in a parking garage except her sight.

"Where are we? Where are you taking me?" she asked him.

A low chuckle came before his response of, "Somewhere with a view."

As she grinned she also felt the anticipation building in her body. Her breath was coming faster, her pulse pounded as her mind kept turning possibilities of what he might have planned in her head. He had always been the one with the active imagination. She always seemed to be the one trying to play catch up to the level of his "field trips."

The "Field Trips" had been her idea after they had experienced a passionate night of sex after watching a Porn movie all about outdoor sex. Of course the porno had been made and focussed on secluded backyards or easily secured areas. And their first "field trip" had been a night of passion under the stars in their own backyard. But ever since that first night, each new "field trip" seemed to be a challenge to their planning and imagination and he kept raising the bar. While the nights were memorable and amazing sexually each time she felt the challenge to try to come up with something better. Well if this was anything like what her imagination was guessing at - she was certainly going to have a tough time topping this one.

As her imagination started to get the best of her she felt the car slow and pull into a parking spot. The keys soon clicked as he shut off the engine and shifted in his seat. "You ready beautiful?"

Gulping even as she smiled - "As ready as I am ever going to be. Where are we?"

"Give me a sec and I will show you."

She felt the car shift as he opened his door and slid out. She heard the back seat door on his side open and him pull out something he had stuck in the car before she had been escorted to her seat. Before she could wonder what he had brought she felt her car door open and his hand take hers to help her out. Stepping out she felt some gravel under her shoes and concrete. Cautiously he led her around the back of the car to the drivers side. "Wait there for just a second."

Straining her ears she heard him lay something out in front of her, then a blanket snapped and was lain down. Her ears pricked up straining to hear anything and she was awarded in hearing the sounds of a corkscrew going into a cork. With her eyes blocked her ears seemed more sensitive and she could pick out the traffic well below them as she waited for the next step.

She stood there waiting for him to make his move. And rather quickly it was made. She heard him start some soft music in the background then felt him beside her and then after she felt him push her slightly forward behind her nuzzling at her neck. He always loved to nuzzle and smell her neck. Running his hands up her neck she felt him work to untie the knot in the blindfold.

"Close your eyes for a sec." She closed them and felt the blindfold loosen and slide off her nose. "Ok on the count of three open them. One. Two. Three."

She opened them and gave a gasp. He had indeed brought her into a parking garage but one that had the upper floor open to the evening sky. Ahead of her she could see the large city spread ahead of her like glistening jewels shining in a sea of darkness. She looked around. He had found a spot that allowed them to see through chain link at the town around them but with the car parked the way it was blocked the view of them on the side facing the city. Someone would have to walk all the way around the car to see them and that was highly unlikely. Looking around she noticed that the buildings around them were dark at this time of night. No one stirred but them in their little "blind" staring at the beauty of the city around them. Overcome with the view she almost forgot to look down but when she did she chuckled. He had brought a couple of foam pads and then had covered them with a soft blanket and sitting next to it all was a bottle of her favorite wine and two glasses. He definitely had thought this out well.

Spinning around in his arms she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down into a madly passionate kiss that was fueled by the simple surprise he had sprung and the 15 minutes or so she had been blindfolded with her imagination running wild. The time had definitely gotten her erotic fire burning and the kiss told them both how hot it was running. Separating her from him he pushed her lightly away and motioned her to sit down on the blanket. Kneeling beside her he grabbed the glasses and poured them each a glass of wine.

"Here is to another beautiful night with my favorite beauty." And for a while they just sat there sipping wine and enjoying the view. In fact he was willing to sit there for a while to let her stew a bit - but she was ready and hot to take the next step. And so as soon as she had finished her glass she stood up and stood between him and the view of the city behind her.

She smiled as her hands pulled at her hair as her eyes shut losing herself in an erotic dance to the music he had playing and the motions of her soul. Her hips began to sway to the beat as her hand roamed over her body. Her breasts. Her neck. Her hair. Each movement kept him entranced as she began to remove her clothing a piece at a time. Slowly. Each button was an eternity to his raging libido as her thin fingers worked at the buttons. As each was let loose his eyes were served a better view of her twins. Each moment seemed to take longer as she shimmied and shifted her body to the music but soon her shirt was lying next to the blanket. Her eyes opened as she heard him shift and kneel in front of her. His hands soon were running up and down her smooth legs caressing her thighs and pushing her skirt to allow them access to her ass. Soon his hands were working to pull at her skirt to remove it along with her panties. And as it always does the action began to move faster and faster.

She was soon dancing naked in front of him as his hands roamed over her ass and legs. Her scent was amazing as his nose bobbed inches in front of her snatch. But each time he moved to settle his mouth onto her hot wet crotch she would pivot her hips slightly and pull away. So he kept moving his hands in time with her ass and simply let things move. He loved watching her move in time to the music lost to the world. But soon he pulled his hands away and began to remove his clothing. First he stood so he was staring into her eyes as he unbuttoned his shirt and began to work at his pants. But as soon as his shirt landed on the pile of clothes beside them he felt her hands working at his belt and her eyes locked on his. "Tsk Tsk. Nope. Those are mine my man." He laughed as he felt her hand cup him through his pants as she worked to slide his khakis off his hips to fall around his feet. Feeling a bit defenseless with his pants in a pile around his ankles he moved to slip his shoes off only to feel her grab him, pivot him and push him onto his back on the blanket. As the surprise of the motion passed he looked down to see her pulling his shoes and pants off and her moving to straddle his legs.

Soon her nails were tracking up his uncovered legs and he realized that with her sitting like that he would have a tough time moving. In fact he felt locked in place with her sitting there. But all thoughts of escape left him as he felt her hands slide under his boxers on each leg moving toward his crotch. And as soon as he felt her soft warm hands begin to caress his stiffening cock and loaded balls a groan escaped his lips and he settled back on the blanket. She was amazing when she was in the mood to play - and she certainly seemed in the mood tonight. Her fingers alternated gripping and stroking his cock and balls. Soft and smooth, careful and passionate she soon worked his manhood into a frenzy as she played his cock and balls as only an expert could. His eyes had shut early on as she worked but quickly popped open as he felt her licking around the edge of his boxers all the while her hands kept working. He realized he wouldn't last long if he didn't have anything to do so he did the only thing he could possibly do.

"Shift around babe I want to suck on your pussy." He looked down to see her wicked smile as she replied, "Only if you loose the boxers luv."

Chuckling he waited for her to kneel so he could pull his legs out and his boxers off. After removing the offending clothing and laying back down he waited for her to spin around and settle onto his torso. Her warm soft body on top of his chest brought a warmth that was pleasant as he saw her settle her crotch toward his mouth. Soon it was in place and his mouth moved to suckle and lick at her nethers. Warm and slick with juice he lapped at her pussy and enjoyed feeling her move as he worked at her sensitive parts and hearing her moan at his ministrations. And while he worked he could feel her warm hot mouth and tongue working to coat and caress his cock. They were in a position to please each other and were challenging each other with their movements to see who could affect the other more. But they were both winning if you kept score with the moans and groans coming from each other. Of course all too soon he was realizing that her earlier work was going to cause him to lose the "game" quickly if he didn't do something. And so he began to spank her ass as he worked on her pussy. And that did it. She stopped her blowjob and began to moan and beg.

"Oh you bastard. OWW. You know how much I enjoy being the bad girl. (SLAP) Umm. Ohhhh babe. Yes. I've been bad - oh so bad. Please spank your little bad girl some more. (SLAP SLAP) Yes keep it up lover. Suck my pussy as you punish me. (SLAP SLURP SLAP) YESSSS! DON'T STOP. GO ON. DO ME. YES. YES. YES."

And at that he felt her thighs grab his head in a lock and he slapped harder as he felt her cumming around his tongue and mouth. He had cheated but they had been lovers for a long time and he knew what she loved. Pulling at her ass as he kept sucking at her lips and clit he felt her have another quick orgasm and realized he was needy and wanted to fuck. So as she was settling down he rolled her over and sat up on the blanket. Looking down on her panting and red from the orgasms was a beautiful thing to see. He let her settle for a moment before he reached over and began to caress her breasts and neck. Softly running his hand over her body he kept her body aroused as he waited for her to be ready. As soon as he saw her eyes come back into focus and looking up at him he moved to take her as he wanted.

Pulling her to her feet he moved her over to the concrete pillar next to the fence and pushed her hands onto the top of the chain link fence enclosing the parking garage. Her hair whipped by the wind, the sound of the traffic below and the beauty of the city ahead of her captivated her senses. Soon she felt the wind nipping at her nipples and realized that she was almost being brought to orgasm simply from her surroundings and the cool breeze on her body. And as soon as she felt his cock sliding into her pussy she let herself go and had another orgasm shake her body as his cock was shaking her pussy.

She felt his cock slam into her, spreading her wide as his cock plunged deeply on each movement. He began to slap her ass in time with his cock piercing her lips and she fell into the movement and let her voice float on the wind to encourage him to fuck her harder. Faster. Deeper.

"Yes lover - FUCK me hard. You are so good at this - make me yours. Punish my ass for all the bad things I do and fuck my pussy as only you can. YES. DO ME. DO ME LOVER! YES. YES. YES."

He gripped her ass and slapped in time to the plunging of his cock in her tight slit. How he lived without her before he met her - he had no clue. She knew how to push all of his buttons and she knew exactly what to say in the throes of passion to send him over the edge. And tonight was no different.


At that he lost track of his movements and just let his body take over. He could feel the cum boiling in his balls and he had to let it loose. and so with a couple of hard thrusts, a couple of spanks on her red ass and after reaching up to pull her head back and seeing her back arch he let it go - let his cum fire and locked his quivering hips against her hot warm ass leaving his spasming cock deep inside her. All the while the colors arched in his eyes under his closed eyelids and his mouth let out a guttural moan and a deep "YESSSSSSSS" as his cum shot and he felt her pussy clench around his cock reminding him that she was cumming at the same time he was shooting his hot wet cum in her pussy. Moments passed like hours as they simply let the moment last.

But soon they collapsed in each others arms on the blanket and then rolled over to pull the extra blanket over them to keep warm in the chill night air.

"You come here often to seduce unsuspecting women lover?"

"Nope - this is the first time - but I would hazard a guess that it won't be the last time."

"Oh I don't think so - at least if I have anything to say about it."

He chuckled and smiled as he held her in his arms just basking in the moment before he smiled and said "Ok - next time is yours to plan."

At which point she simply snuggled in deeper, pulled his arms tighter around her and said, "Like I am ever going to top this one."

- S -

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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Update: Catching up

For those of you who have hung around through the long interlude since I last posted - the drought is coming toward an end - but is not quite done yet.

Many of you know that I have a job that requires a lot of me. Some of you know what that job is - and thus will understand the break I took. For the rest of you who have no clue what I am talking about - well suffice it to say I am a busy man at a job that can require long hours for weeks at a time. Thus the break.

I am beginning to have more time and feeling the creative juices flowing again. So while I probably will not post this weekend - I am thinking about some posts. So something should be coming out of the void soon.

Thats it for now - but keep your hopes up and if you are interested in seeing me post - might be nice to see a few comments encouraging me. Hint Hint - I am a needy bastard.

On a side note - those of you who I had been emailing and talking to by IM - you all might drop me a line to check in. I miss you all and hope you are doing well.

- S -

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Losing Control


While this story follows along some of my other writings in style and content - this story is a move in a direction some readers may not enjoy. For those of you who dislike Control and Power areas of sexuality, this story might be one to skip. Otherwise feel free to comment, offer suggestions and your thoughts. This is another story that was written based upon one of your fellow readers requests.

So without further commentary -

Losing Control

As she drove closer to her destination her thoughts turned to her need. The needs she hid down deep from everyone who knew her every day. The other parents. The family friends. Even her partner. Every one of them would be shocked to find her driving into this darkened part of downtown heading for a rendezvous with her deepest urges.

Of course no one would think any different when they saw her enter the office building after parking in the nearby parking garage. The building housed any number of professionals one as she might have use of. Of course if one of her normal friends saw her, some of them might even come to a wrong connection. You see the building housed any number of doctors and lawyers, even a few divorce lawyers. But that was not her destination this night - her destination was a nondescript office on the top floor. The sign said something like Stevens and Associates. Of course I change the names to protect the innocent and the not so innocent.

As the elevator doors opened she found her legs weak. Being so close to her needs was forcing her body to go weak - something she somewhat enjoyed while also being terrified by. But she consciously took one step after another toward the door and what lay behind it.

Opening the door she found herself in a nondescript waiting room. Behind a desk sat a receptionist who could have been from any number of upscale businesses in town. She looked the part - nice clothes, little ear-bud and microphone clipped into the phone system and a slightly gazed look as she responded to some phone call - "How may I direct your call? ---I'm sorry they're in conference right now - May I pass you to their voice mail? Thank you."

As our woman took in the sight of the receptionist her fear left her and the strength flooded back into her - she knew how to deal with this situation. This was just one of any other appointments - at least she tried to fool her own body by thinking that as she took a deep breath.

"Can I help you?" asked the receptionist.

"I have an appointment - with Mr Jones. I think he is expecting me." The receptionist looked down to her desk before looking back up and responding.

"Yes Ms. Smith. He is ready for you - please go through the door and to room number 5. Go in and please sign the form on the table in front of you when there. He will join you shortly. Please feel free to make yourself a drink - there is a bar inside the room. Enjoy your visit." Our woman smiled back as she moved toward the door and pushed it open ahead of her.

The hallway behind was softly lit and deep pile carpeted. The hallway looked like any of a number of professional offices - but it should - this was an office of a sort. Just one offering a bit of specialized services for very important people. People who could not be known to frequent certain establishments. But all too soon the door to room number 5 was in front of her. She took a few deep breaths and opened the door and walked into her needs.

In front of her was a wide room outfitted with a number of special additions not normally found in professional offices - not the least of which was the queen sized bed against the far wall. Off to the sides hardwood cabinets lined the walls and a strange table was lit from above in the center. As she walked towards it her breath began to come quicker. Glancing down she saw a single sheet of paper lying on ifs soft surface. Glancing at it for a moment she decided to avoid it for a minute as headed off to the bar set against the wall beside the door. Pouring herself a shot of whisky, she downed it in a quick gulp feeling the warmth travel down her throat to settle into her stomach. Pouring herself another, she returned to the strange table and the page lying upon it.

Holding her drink in one hand she picked up the page and began to read.

Welcome to Stevens and Associates. We know you understand our need for secrecy and the needs of our clients. Please remember that you did not get here without being accepted onto our client list after thorough checks of your background and a recommendation from another client. As such we are sure you understand the rules. But please allow us to repeat the highlights.

1. No information is to leave the premises. What happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors.
2. You are here of your own free will. Any specific needs you have requested Stevens and Associates to assist you in finding, is your decision and you hold Stevens and Associates harmless in that our role is only to provide a matching service and a place to meet fellow Clients.
3. No money will exchange hands between clients. The experiences you receive here are consensual and you enter here understanding such.
4. Safety rules will be followed at all times. Clients are required to agree before initiating your "meeting" on proper safety and agreed upon limits.
5. Any questions of these policies or the larger document you received before arriving should be asked of one of our staff prior to any "meeting". The phone beside the door can be used at anytime to contact a member of our staff.

Please sign below stating your understanding and agreement to the above rules and that you received the entire packet of rules prior to your arrival today.

She quickly signed then slipped the page through a slot next to the door. She had been here once before and had gone through this procedure. She knew the rules and was willing to abide by them to satisfy her needs. Including the part about having her sessions videotaped as a precaution. She knew the cameras were well hidden and that on the other end was an employee of the firm to ensure her and her soon to be fellow clients safety. But for the money these sessions cost her - it was a fair agreement. It would not do for a person like her to have to explain something out of normal to her friends and family. Of course she also enjoyed watching the tape of her "session" when she was all alone at home. A fringe benefit she thought.

Slugging back her drink she walked the glass back to the bar and went to sit on the edge of the bed to wait. She didn't have long to wait. Within minutes he walked through the door and closed it behind him. Walking around the table he walked toward her. He wasn't anything special. In fact in some circles he might be called out of shape. But to her he was perfect. She had "met" him through the service and her previous session had proved he was exactly what she yearned for. Stepping in front of her he looked down at her for a brief moment before speaking.

"Same rules as before? Same needs?" She turned her head slightly then looked up at him and nodded.

"Then tell me. Tell me to start."

Standing up beside him she took a deep breath and replied. "Take me my Master." He nodded and moved over to sit in a chair off to the side.

"Strip yourself wench. Quickly. Then come to me."

She moved over to the other chair in the room and she began to remove her clothing. Her lily white button down shirt. Her designer blue jeans. Each piece came off and was set carefully on the chair beside her - all the while her gaze was locked on his as her hands moved to follow his instructions. She shook out her shoulder length hair for a moment before reaching between her breasts to unclasp her bra losing her full breasts. Pausing only a moment to lie her silk bra on the chair she reached down and slid her matching panties to the floor which she then picked up and laid on top of the pile of clothes. Standing there naked in front of this semi stranger only flamed her desires and her needs. Quickly though she moved over to stand in front of him. Her gaze locked on his as she stood there in front of him. Almost daring him to make his move, daring him to assert his control over the situation. Which he quickly did.

His hand shot out between her legs and rubbed at her pussy, slick with need and shoved his finger into her snatch. So swiftly was his movement it took her a moment to realize what had happened and to realize her hands had moved to stop him. That was until his other hand flashed out and slapped her hand sharply. Pulling her hand back to her side she remembered the rules. She was here for a reason - a need. This was what she wanted.

"Wench- remember your place." His fingers probed and she found her juices flowing faster as her urges began to flame inside her. Each touch drew her closer to her release. But all to quickly he pulled his hand away and stood up. Stripping off his clothes he ordered her to get on the table. She knew what she was supposed to do.

She moved over and climbed onto the softly padded table. She moved so she was kneeling on her hands and knees and waited. She kept her eyes closed - to prolong the moment. She could hear him move to the cabinets and pull out various items which were then carried over to the table where she waited. She felt his warm hand begin to run over her body. Touching everywhere without any pause. He has no qualms on what his touch was doing to her. She felt him kneed her breasts, pinching her nipples hard eliciting a gasp to escape her lips.

"That's right slut. You better get used to it. You have displeased me. You have been a very bad girl."

She heard him move toward the end of the table and pick something up. Wondering what it was she opened her eyes and shifted a glance over her shoulder to see what he was doing. But as her eyes moved above her shoulder she saw something move quickly toward her ass and then the slap from the paddle shot through her body to resound through her brain. The pain warmed her ass as he began to swat her ass in time. Thwack. Thwack. The blows came softly then harder, faster than slower. Her breath quickened and shot through her on each hit, her ass began to warm to the punishment. It was exactly what she wanted. But she wanted more than a punishment.

"Oh Master - please spank me. I want to feel your hands."

Stopping he moved up beside her and grabbed her hair in his hand pulling her up from her position to kneel in front of him her head pulled backwards. The pleasure shot through her body as he reached down with his mouth to suckle at her full breasts as his teeth nibbled and bit at her breasts. Soon small bite marks covered her nipples. His mouth felt warm and hot upon her sensitive tender nipples. He grabbed her hand and moved it to his stiff cock then encouraged her to begin to jack his stiff rod as he moved his face up to stare into her eyes. His power shone from within as he admonished her for her behavior.

"You are my slut. I will do with you exactly what I want to do to you. You will not tell me how to treat you. You will not offer suggestions. You will only show your pleasure through moans, groans and begging to please me. The better you do the better I will work you over. DO YOU UNDERSTAND SLUT!?"

"Yes Master. I am sorry. Please let me please you. Please tell me how I can please you Sir."

A smile came across his face. "Service me Slut. Down."

He pulled her hair to encourage her to get down off the table and to kneel before him. Her hand never left his cock keeping perfect rhythm. She had learned the last time to not lose her time. As she settled in front of him he pulled at her hair to guide her hot mouth over his cock. Her slobbering mouth plunged over his cock in prefect time to her moving hand. Slowly at first then gaining speed her hand and mouth began to work his passion to a frenzy. Her bobbing head, sloppy mouth and bouncing tits encouraged him as she worked to please her Master. Faster and faster she moved until she felt his hands settle on either side of her head and she felt him begin to fuck her mouth. Slowly at first then harder he began to plunge his cock in and out until she lost control. His hands moving her as he wanted, his balls slapping against her chin as he lost himself in the moment. She thought he planned to cum in her mouth until suddenly he pulled one hand off her head, pulled his cock out and began to slap her face with it. All the while her eyes locked on his in some form of adoration. She loved every moment of it. Being used was a fantasy she had had for many years but had only recently been able to achieve through her new found "Club".

She felt him stop and felt herself being pulled to her feet then shoved around to fall onto the table. Her tits pressed into the soft fabric of the table as she felt herself held down in place with his hand on the small of her back. She felt him pull away for a second only to hear him rip something open. Looking over her shoulder she saw him pull a condom out of a packet to slide it over his cock.

She was thankful he had remembered the rules. She was certainly fertile and didn't want to deal with any of the many issues that could come from unprotected sex. Smiling she settled her head back onto the table and raised her ass slightly to offer him easier access. She felt his hand land a swat on one of her ass cheeks, then the other. Each slap raised her need, her yearning into a fire that raced through her body. She could feel her pussy getting so wet she could feel her juices dribbling down her leg. She could only lie there and wonder when he would take her as she wanted. When he would take her as his slut and fuck her. She knew that she would soon cum but for some reason she needed to be fucked to send her over the edge. Each swat, each time he ran his hands over her body, each time he pulled her hair sent her ever closer to release but for some reason she needed his cock to enter her to cum. She moaned and begged him softly to take her - to fuck her.

She felt the agony as he ran his cock over her opening tempting her with the feel of his latex covered manhood. Each slide teased her - thinking he would plunge it in deep and hard - and each time she moved a bit to try to slide it in he would swat her ass a bit harder. Minutes passed as he worked her ass ever warmer and she knew ever redder. She would have a hard time sitting down tomorrow. Her moans became louder, her pleas more vivid, her begging became fervent at each swat, each tease, each movement. Soon she thought she would cum before he entered her even though she had never thought she would be able to - that's when he changed things on her again.

She felt her body lifted and carried to the bed. Thrown down she felt her wrists tied to the bedposts and him kneeling over her tugging at his stiff cock. She saw his hands reach out and grab her nipples in a tight clamping sensation. The moan escaped, her back arched and she felt her pussy drip more wet nectar upon the bed. Pinching harder suddenly he released them allowing blood to flow back in bringing a totally new sensation of pleasure and pain. As she came back from experiencing the pleasure she realized he had moved his mouth to her sopping wet pussy and was nuzzling her clit. Licking it back and forth - up and down, nibbling it, biting and pulling. His hands lifted and rubbed at her ass as his mouth expertly ate at her crotch, licking up the juices as she flowed higher in pleasure. Each bite of her inner thighs, each nibble at her clit sent her higher than she thought she could go only to have him shove her pleasure higher. But she still couldn't cum. Her agony built as he played her body like his own personal instrument.

Her eyes shut, her screams echoed off the walls as each movement drove her crazy until through gritted teeth she told him she needed to cum but she couldn't - she wouldn't until he told her to. He only intensified his movements on her pussy until she thought she couldn't hold it back when she felt him pull off her and kneel above her. She saw his smile and saw him approach her - wondering what he was going to do. She would never have guessed he would lean in at that point and settle a very gentle and soft kiss upon her lips. His movements tender and slow as he let his lips move over hers in a soft moment. She was shocked and had no idea he could be this gentle as he pulled just far enough away to focus his eyes in hers. He smiled as he moved.

She felt then in one swift shocking moment his cock shoved forcefully into her pussy plunging deeply all the way in to ride her. His cock entering her had set off her orgasm. She lost total control - her back arched, her wrists strained against the ties holding her down as he began to ride her with his cock. Shoving it faster and faster her pussy clenched around his cock as each movement gave her exquisite pleasure. She began cumming hard. Not once but to her it seemed each time his cock plunged all the way in. Each wave of pleasure sending her body reeling from the reaction each clench of her pussy sending him closer until just before he lost it she saw him pull out and quickly pulling the condom off she felt him settle his cock against her lips forcing its way into her mouth just before she felt streams of his cum fill her mouth.

She tried to swallow but there was too much. She felt some of his load dribble out the corners of her mouth as he shot more and more cum. She had never thought a man could cum so much but soon he slowed his hips and she felt his cock slide out of her mouth. Staring up at him she swallowed the warm sticky substance as she saw him grab his cock and rub it against her face spreading the spilled seed around her mouth and cheeks. Pulling himself up a bit she saw him hang his cock right in front of her face. She leaned forward drawing his cock in to suckle and clean it. Moving her mouth around his manhood she tasted his cum as she could smell his musk as he let her work over his softening cock. She took immense pleasure from the feeling of his hard cock in her mouth, the taste of him driving her yearnings hot again.

After a few minutes of letting her work over his cock he pulled back and away from her. Moving over he grabbed a bowl of warm water from a sideboard and returned to her side. Still tied up he began to run a warm washcloth over her body, sparing no area from his cleaning until she was well cleaned. She let moans escape her lips as he worked the warm cloth over her body. Slowly he worked until he had covered ever inch of her he could reach with her tied up at which point he set down the cloth, and after unbuckling her restraints he rolled her over and repeated his cleansing spending particular attention to her ass. She felt the warmth of the cloth settle into her flesh burning at first then offering some relief from her pain. He carefully moved the cloth over her then stood to run the cloth over his cock and the rest of his body. Once cleaned himself he replaced the bowl on the sideboard then moved back over to the bed to roll her over and settle her into his arms as he held her close.

She felt his soft body behind her and his strong arms around her as she settled out of the experience and began to move back toward normalcy. The feeling of his arms around her comforted her as she dozed in his arms. The moments passing as she felt a passion driven pleasure fill her. But soon she moved and rolled in his arms to move her mouth to his. A soft kiss settled over his mouth as she felt his hand pull softly against the back of her head, running his fingers through her hair. The kiss was a wonderful end to the entire experience.

As she moved over to the chair to dress and prepare to re-enter the real world she heard him stir behind her. She dressed as she felt him approach her. Pulling her shirt over her shoulders she turned to face him as she worked the buttons on the shirt. His gaze powerful but kind she waited.

"Would you like to meet me again?" He asked.

"I wouldn't dream of not seeing you again - Master"

"Good. You are such a good little girl." He replied as he leaned in to kiss her one more time.

Buttoning the last buttons she sauntered over and pausing to give him one more glance over her shoulder she opened the door and moved through it back to the real world.

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Making good choices

I should have walked away. I should have swallowed my pride and walked away from it all. If I had I wouldn't be here right now, pushed up against the wall, held in place with an arm across my throat staring into a pair of evil eyes and wondering if I would see the morning. But thats now - I bet you're wondering what brought me to this point.

Pride? Arrogance? Stupidity? Well maybe a bit of that last one. But nope - it was simply thinking that I could make a difference. That's right, I'm standing here wondering about my life and it continuing longer than the next few minutes because I was one of those "Boy Scout" type guys in the movies. We all know the character. One of those well known famous actors usually gets the part.

The part where they're the guy who thinks that just because they're the good guy that means they should tap the bad guy on the shoulder saying some cute line like "I think you should leave the lady alone and head on home buddy." And of course some Hollywood "Bad Guy" actor hits the starlet across the mouth sending her reeling to the floor as he turns his attention to the Good Guy and begins planning how he will play dirty and hurt the "Good Guy" just before he gets what is coming to him and the "Good Guy" stumbles away being held up by the "Starlet" as they escape the "Bad Guy" forever. Make sense so far?

So I had come to this party thinking I would get away from life for a few hours, have a few drinks and maybe find a beautiful woman to forget life with for a few hours, draped in each others arms as we spend the rest of the night working off the drinks we had while fucking each others brains out. And everything had been going according to plan when I walked out onto the balcony of the swanky apartment to catch some air and to smoke a cigarette.

The night air was crisp, the beer in my hand was cold and the cigarette tasted good as I stood there studying the skyline of the city around me, seeing everything and nothing at the same time. I had fallen into some cosmic perfect moment when life just feels right. Nothing was bothering me, I was not worried about anything but the taste of the cold beer sliding down my throat and the slight burn from the smoke blowing through my lips on the way out. At least I was for those few moments until I heard the slap and the gasp as his hand hit her face.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw them across the balcony from me. They were standing near the other end of this huge monstrosity of a balcony outside the party. I had seen them when I walked out onto the balcony but paid them no mind. I was being polite and also a bit introspective. When I walked out here I wanted my space and I was simply willing to give them their space just as well as I wanted them to give me mine. But the sound of the slap had changed everything.

Turning toward them I recognized the woman. I had seen her inside the party. What guy in his right mind would have missed her. She had been holding court, drinking white wine in a corner being polite but shooting down every guy who came near her. The whole time I had been at the party I had noticed the steady stream of guys making plays to try and have her give them the time of day. But each time I would see her politely shake her head, mumble a few words and then turn away from the guys to talk to the girlfriends that seemed to have come to the party with her.

She was dressed in a short miniskirt made of cotton that seemed sort of like those pleated skirts that cheerleaders wore, but more upscale and trendy, more fitting for a woman in her late thirties who knew she looked good, and while she seemed to be nice about it, she also seemed to be pretty sure about herself and who she was. Her black shirt was buttoned up the front with small silver buttons that matched the small abstract shape earrings dangling from her ears and the stylized silver rope necklace hanging down with a small ornamental piece hanging between her breasts. Her dark hair hung down and was wound around one side of her neck hanging in a loose braid that was just long enough to stay in place as she turned her head side to side negatively to each man who approached her.

I had seen her all night, staring across the room and the only thing I had done was to catch her eyes earlier and to raise my beer, smile and to mouth a simple "Hi" to her across the crowded room. She had smiled and raised her wine glass back to me. The smile filled her eyes and I could see what the men might want in her besides her beauty - her energy and honesty were the frosting on the cake to whoever ended up spending time with this beauty. But I hadn't done anything to draw her attention past that and had enjoyed the cool beer and the night air before I heard the slap and realized this guy had just attacked the beauty. And without knowing it we had all been cast into the hollywood roles that each of us had seen so many times before - only this time there wasn't a script and there wasn't a director to call "CUT", just him hurting her, the beauty being hurt and me as the guy starting across the balcony to step in where I probably shouldn't step in.

As I walked over still holding my beer I studied the guy standing over the beauty saying mean things to her. I could see the guy was no slouch when it came to brawn. Don't get me wrong - he's no "Rock" or Hullk Hogan, but he was a guy who liked to work out and I was some normal guy who barely had enough time to see the inside of the gym a couple of times a week. This guy seemed to be one of those who got up at 4:30 in the morning so he could get his workout in before heading off to wherever he worked during the day. We stood about the same height and I knew that we were about equal in size otherwise but as every guy does in situations like this one I was mentally grading my chances and they weren't zero but they weren't in my court if you catch my meaning.

As I got closer I began to hear the junk he was spewing in her direction. Calling her a whore and a tramp, telling her she should never have left him the night before and that she would get up and walk out of the party with him right now if she knew what was good for her. And more stuff like that as she was in the process of pulling herself to her knees from where she had fallen only moments before. And as she began to move I found myself fulfilling the role Hollywood had shown so many times before and I even found myself dropping into the role as I walked up to the guy and tapped him on the shoulder and found myself talking.

"I don't think the lady wants to leave yet. Why don't you leave her alone and walk away before someone gets hurt."

Yeah - one too many B movies for this guy at 2 am had given me an overgrown piece of cheesy dialog for this situation. And things went exactly like they did in the movies. He turned around and focussed his full attention on me. I walked over and set my beer down on a small glass table and as I turned around I found him pushing me back against the wall. Feeling his forearm settle over my throat as I was shoved back with the force of a small elephant as I began to realize that I was now in exactly the predictament that most "Good Guys" find themselves in the movies, but this time I had no special training, no weapons and no buddy to step in and save the day. All I had were my wits and they were failing me fast as he cut off the oxygen to my brain. But what little intelligence I had went into high gear. I told you I should have walked away.

"C'mon man - don't be this guy. The one who lets the woman get the best of him. She doesn't want you guy. Hell she turned down every guy in the party - what's the difference. Why ruin your life over a woman who doesn't want you anymore. Walk away and find someone better - beating me up isn't going to help things." I gasped as I stared into his eyes over the thick arm pushing against my throat. The pressure built for a second as my words sunk in. I could hear a pin drop as I waited to see if my words would get through to the bastard pinning me against the wall. Over his shoulder I could see her standing up and stepping back toward a chair as she tried to catch her breath. I only wish I could do the same but her lout boyfriend was still pressing strong.

As I was just about to try to ram my knee into the jerks crotch, I felt the pressure lessen enough for me to take a few shallow breaths until the pressure left my throat and I saw the guy step back. I could see him look over his shoulder at the beauty, then back at me before he reached out and smoothed out my shirt.

"Sorry - I knew I shouldn't have come here tonight. You're right - she's not worth it." Looking back over his shoulder he spat out "Bitch!" as he moved away from us to move through the doors into the party and toward the front door. I could see him part the crowd as he shuffled through the throng of party goers on his way out the door and hopefully out of my life for good. Turning around I found the beauty standing before me, holding a hand to her swelling cheek and reaching toward my throat with her other hand. I felt and saw her trace her fingers over the place where the jerk had shoved his arm against me then step back.

"I think you'll be ok, it's not too red. You ok?" She was the one already swelling at the cheek with a nice red flush, and she was worried about me. Maybe my luck was picking up.

"COUGH. Um, I think so. Nothing broken here - but what about you?" I walked over to the table grabbing my beer and swallowing a deep swig as I moved over to study her reddening cheek.

"I'll be ok. I've been here before, and I'll probably find myself here again sometime else. Being slapped is something the sort of runs in cycles in my life. Seems every guy I date ends up being some type of carbon copy of the jerks before."

I walked over to the tub of beer on ice the hosts had set out here on the balcony and pulled out two fresh beers. Finding a couple of napkins on the table beside the tub I turned back to the beauty and held out a beer toward her.

"I don't drink beer." She replied.

"I figured but the ice is mostly melted and you should get something on that cheek before it swells too much more. " I said as I wrapped the bottle in a couple of napkins and held it softly and carefully against her bruised face. I saw her wince a moment before allowing the cool beer to minister to her injury. I saw the smile come back on her face and into her eyes.

"You were pretty brave or stupid to step in there - I'm not sure which. Most guys don't act the hero around guys like Mike." She said then paused as I opened the new beer and cradling my hand at the small of her back I walked her back over to the other side of the balcony I had come from. Standing there against the railing talking to the beauty I fell back into that cosmic perfect moment. Crisp night air, cold beer, beautiful skyline and now a beautiful woman to share it with. Ok - maybe things were better than when I had been standing here earlier. Of course I also hadn't had a bruised throat and she hadn't been dealing with a swelling hurt face either - but maybe it was sort of the payment for the moment.

Coming back to reality a bit I realized she had said something. I had found myself lost in the moment and so I apologized to her.

"I said my name was Alison. You were the guy who stayed back all night. Sort of the only guy who didn't try to hit on me. Figuratively as well as litteraly it seems." I saw her smile and look down at her feet as she held the cool bottle against her face.

"Guilty as charged, and my name is ....." I replied back. We stood there talking for what seemed like hours but was really just a short time. We moved over and sat on some chairs as we learned more about each other. The love of movies, being from the same town we were in now, having lived near each other for years as we both finished college and started a life in this medium sized city in the midwest. Finding ourselves enjoying the company of each other - even though it took a jerk to bring us together. If he hadn't I would probably have never met Alison, and she would probably have not given this normal working stiff the time of day.

As the time passed I had her pull the bottle away and found the swelling reduced a bit although she would probably have a pretty good bruise the next day. We spent the time doing nothing but smoking cigarettes, drinking and finding ourselves growing closer and closer. At least until it was time to go. We had missed the rest of the party talking to each other but eventually the host came out and coughing a bit to be polite, said "I think you should let him walk you home Alison. He's a good guy and you really should be careful in case Mike decides to check up on you again tonight."

I had forgotten about little ol Mike and I for one didn't want to meet him again anytime soon but I was a good guy and I offered to walk Alison home. Seeing the smile come across her face then leave quickly as if she didn't want to show me how happy she was with the idea of me walking her home. I took it as a good sign as I stood and held my hand out to help her up.

Soon we were walking down the semi quiet but bustling streets of the city at night. The delivery trucks, the people still moving around but a lot more space to move than there ever was during the day. Step by step moving together through the place I loved, the city I had grown up in and now called my home. There was no place I would rather be than right than right there, the beauty next to me, the city surrounding us and the night air crisp on our faces as we moved toward her apartment.

Too quickly we were standing awkwardly in front of her apartment. Kicking our feet I was wondering if I should make a move so soon after meeting the beauty. Thinking back to a movie I had seen I realized she was playing with her keys - an event that one of the main characters had said meant she was finding excuses to spend more time with the guy. So I stepped forward and caressed her non-injured cheek while I leaned down and settled a soft kiss against her lips.

I slowly pulled my lips off and paused for a sec staring into the eyes of this beauty before she reached up and pulled at the back of my head and planted her lips back on mine, kissing me hard. I felt her tongue shoot out and her arms enfolded me in her grasp. I let my arms settle around her pulling her against me as we explored each other and the kiss between us. Breaking it for air I stepped back a step to grasp her hands in mine and to smile like a little kid, embarrassed to be caught staring at the beautiful girl for the first time. I saw her look at the door then back at me.

"Would you come up and check the apartment for me. Mike still has a key and I wouldn't want to walk in and find him waiting for me." I simply nodded and held my arm out to the side waiving her forward into the building. She unlocked the door and we stepped inside the vestibule. Off to the side the rows of mailboxes sat across from the elevator to the upper floors. We walked over and pressed the button, two young romantics holding each others hand as we waited for the elevator to arrive and open.

Her hand felt warm and soft in mine as the bell dinged and the doors opened. Moving toward her door I knew she had found an excuse to invite me up. Mike had left the party in a way that spoke volumes, the odds of him being upstairs was slim at best. Almost nil, but I wasn't going to walk away from the beauty now, not after everything that had happened, and the time we had spent growing closer tonight. Plus the kiss had woken more than my chivalrous nature.

Ding went the bell as the doors opened on her floor. Following her down the hall I saw her unlock the door but only step aside as she waited for me to go in ahead of her. It was time for me to be the valiant gentleman protecting the fair maiden so I opened the door and walked down the hall as she snapped the lights on. Her apartment was cozy and well decorated. Prints on the walls, soft furniture in the rooms and a nice view through the windows. Moving through the rooms, I saw no sign of the jerk in anything I saw, but I learned plenty about the beauty. LIke her love of houseplants, How she collected art books. How she loved cut flowers in vases in each room. Moving deeper I saw family photos on the wall. Her and her parents, what looked like her and a brother. All little touches of the woman I had just met but was becoming closer to. Each step brought me insight into this beauty until I moved into the bedroom.

The bed shone in the moonlight covered in a down comforter, Darkly stained furniture stood along the edges covered in more photos and knick knacks. The kind of stuff we all have in our bedrooms. The clock radio next to the bed, the dried bouquet of flowers on the wall, the small bathroom off to the side with a large shower in the corner. All the pieces of our lives that go unnoticed to us but seen for the first time tell so much about another person.

"You're all good. No one here but us." I yelled over my shoulder as I stood there looking at the pictures on her dresser. She seemed to be on a beach somewhere walking down the sand.

"I know. Mike doesn't have a key" I heard from right behind me causing me to turn around. As my eyes came around I found my gaze dropping as I found the beauty standing there in nothing but a pair of lace panties. Unnoticed to me she had stripped as she followed me through the apartment - I could see the clothes discarded here and there behind her. I smiled and started to say something when she stepped forward and placed a finger on my mouth.

"Unh uh - Shhhh. Just go with it." I smiled as she stepped back and pulled me toward the bed. She fell back onto the bed as I stood above her slowly removing my clothes until I was down to my boxers then I stepped forward and lay down on top of her. Our lips became locked. Our hands moved over each other, our eyes locked. Each moment better than the previous.

Our hands caressed each other. Mine on her chest exploring her beautiful full breasts. Rubbing her nipples erect, leaning in to nuzzle their bounty as I enjoyed the sensation of her warm skin under my moist tongue. As my mouth moved over her smooth skin I could feel her slip her hands into my boxers. Her slender fingers wrapping around and over my elongating cock. Her hand ministering to my needs and encouraging my movements as I explored her body.

Losing my train of thought, I let my body loose in the moment. Moving my body to lie beside her, enjoying each lick and nibble as I let my hands roam. I feel her hands push me down as she knelt over me before moving to stand beside the bed. I saw her reach down and begin to tug at my boxers, sliding them down exposing my growing cock to the air as she finished slipping the cloth over my ankles and tossing the boxers to the side. Standing over me I stare down seeing her start to play with her panties. Sliding her fingers under the band slipping them side to side as her eyes closed losing herself in some music playing inside her head.

Sitting up I lean out and kiss her smooth belly as my hands grip her panties and start sliding them down over her hips. I can smell her as the panties tug downward before falling to the floor. Slowly my mouth moves, down, down it went to nibble between her legs. Feeling her soft downey hair slide over my face as my hands move to cup her ass, pulling her into me as my mouth explores one of my favorite places on a woman.

Some men feel pleasing the woman he's with is a job, My thought is it's an honor. Each woman is different - different taste, different texture, different pleasure. My hand moves to raise her leg over my shoulder opening her crotch to my mouth. My tongue sliding over her lips and pussy, licking the nectar as I hear her moan above me. Each lick causing her to slide her hips in some ingrained dance of pleasure. Each caress of my cupping hands eliciting a movement, each suck drawing her closer to release. I could tell I was having an effect as I felt her hips move with my motions and her hands playing with my hair,

I found myself lost in her body, my hands moving over the glossy smooth skin, feeling her hands running through my hair as I guided her back to the bed to lie beside me. Moving my mouth back onto her crotch I found myself settling in enjoying each little piece of her as my mouth began to explore her fully. Moving over her body my mouth found each place that brought pleasure, each moment enjoying the feeling of her hands moving over my back until without realizing it I found her screaming in pleasure her crotch pushed against my mouth as I realized she was cumming.

I found myself letting my hands move upward to caress only to find her pushing me away and over onto my back. Soon I began to feel her warm mouth roaming over my chest, her hands rubbing my cock as I closed my eyes to enjoy and let the moment flow. Feeling her slick wet tongue sliding over my belly I realized she had decided to return the favor. Something some guys try to force quicker than most women are ready to offer. But by being the right guy and taking my time, this beauty had decided to offer me something I had pictured earlier tonight when I had seen the beauty - but then again I had thought I had been dreaming then - now I was about to experience the actual event and my cock was aching and ready for it.

Looking down I saw her push her hair behind her ear as she looked up at me leaning back against the pillows and smiled. I grinned as she finished moving down to huddle over me, her hands moving to cradle my cock and balls. Her soft hands moving over them in a dance all their own. The feelings traveling through me as she began to caress and encourage my libido. I could feel her cross her fingers and grab my cock in a two handed grip sliding up and down my shaft as her warm mouth began to lick and suckle my balls. Slowly at first then faster and faster her movements clutched at my cock. Her mouth moved to my head and pulled it inside to lick and let her saliva drip onto my manhood to lubricate her moving hands as my balls began to fill and prepare for an explosion. Minutes passed and her movements changed speed and motion, two hands to one, thumb rubbing the underside of my head as the other rolled my balls between her fingers. Each movement change affected my tightening balls bringing me closer to blowing my seed. Until I realized I had to stop her before I did something that would slow down experiencing the full sexual experience with the beauty. I knew down deep we could build again - but I wanted my first pinnacle to be more than a blowjob. So leaning up I looked down on her bobbing head and told her to stop before I shot my load.

Pulling her up by her shoulders I pulled her to me and our lips locked. Tongues playing, lips slick with saliva as our quickening breath came in gasps, as our hands pulled each other tighter together as if we could become one if we hugged each other tight enough. Soon though I felt her mouth kissing my neck, her hand reaching behind to play with my hair as her other hand reached down to slide my solid hard cock into her pussy.

"Wait - Shouldn't we be using something? Umm - is this safe?" I trusted the beauty but I am no dead beat who would leave her after a great night with trouble and wasn't quite sure I wanted to force her into anything in the heat of the moment.

I saw her chuckle and smile holding the condom up in the moonlight that she must have hidden somewhere on the bed. I laughed and laid back as she reached her hand down to settle the condom over my hard cock. I felt her hand grip my head and slide the latex down over my shaft to prepare it to penetrate her pleasure zone. As it settled fully her hand pulled up to guide my cock into her warm hot slot pushing her hips down over me as I felt each little bit of me slide in until I felt her drop down all the way, her legs settling over my hips. My hands moved to caress her tits as she closed her eyes and her hips began to move. Back and forth she shifted without moving up and down. I closed my eyes and moved my hands to her hips to follow and guide her motion and to steady her hips over mine. I felt her lean down a bit and I sat up to kiss her deeply all the while her hip began moving faster. Pushing at my cock, her pussy clenched it in waves as her speed picked up. Her mouth left mine as her hips moved faster and faster her hands on my chest steadying her balance as she moved to a unspoken rhythm. I felt my body reacting to this beauty riding me harder and harder, pounding her body against mine as I found myself gasping and breathing faster, feeling her movements force my body to react with her.

Looking up I saw a fire in her eyes as she panted, "I want you to cum in me. Then later I want you to take me as you want. But I want to ride you and cum with me. I want you to cum with me Baby - Um - Ah - Um - I'm getting close. Are you close? Cum with me Baby. Please Uhhhh Cum with me."

I simply nodded and moved my hands on her hips to move her faster, bucking my hips in rhythm with her to bring the moment closer. My cock grew as hard as it could as I looked up on her bouncing over me, her tits banging against her chest, her hair wildly strewn around her sweat dripping face as the movements became animal, losing our conscious mind and moving to a place only our bodies could control as our baser instincts took us over. My cock in her pussy, my hands sliding over her beauty, we moved so quickly I could hear the bed bouncing against the wall. The bedsprings squeaking the moonlight bathing the beauty as I began to hear her moaning in time with my grunts. I moved my hands onto her tits pinching her nipples in between my fingers as I felt her hands grip my shoulders, her movements pushing me down as her fingernails bit into the meat of my shoulders.

"I wanna cum Alison - cum with me babe - CUM!" My hips shoved out as her pussy clenched my cock in a tight grip as she came, the tight warm sheath shoved my cock over the edge and my hips bounced as my seed shot. We both lost the moment in the pleasure as our bodies became one, her back arching, my hips pushing away from the bed with her over me as her nails bit deep. The pleasure rode over us in waves as we let it - trying to prolong the moment as long as we could until I felt her fall across my chest breathing deeply as I let my cock soften inside her just holding her against me. I just smiled as I felt the weight of the beauty on top of me. But soon I felt her slide off me to lie next to me.

I thought she was going to lie against me to cuddle but was surprised when she sat up and reached down to my softening cock gripping the condom and pulling it off I felt her warm mouth begin to clean and suckle at my weakened cock, slurping up the remnants of my seed until I was clean only then did I feel her slide up to settle into my arm to cuddle and hold each other after reaching across me to drop the used condom in a wastebasket beside her night-stand. It seemed the beauty was full of more surprises.

I let the moment pass with a surprised smile on my face, a beautiful woman in my arms, and the silvery glow of the moonlight bathing us in it's glow. I felt her settle in and pull at my side with her arm pulling herself closer to me and her leg sliding over my leg. I felt perfect. In fact, earlier I thought I had found a perfect moment standing with a beer, a cigarette and a crisp night breeze on my face. That moment was nothing to what I was feeling right then. I guess maybe being the "Good Guy" has it's pleasures, maybe even something longer than just one night too, at least I was hoping. I felt her lift her head to look as me as she spoke.

"I'm tired but I'm not done with you yet Babe. You haven't pleasured me enough - You'd better enjoy the short nap - I want you to fuck me at least a couple more times tonight lover. You up for it?"

I chuckled - "I'm willing to try Ma'am."

Yep - being the good guy did come with some great fringe benefits if you did it right.

- S -

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